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Reasons to Buy a Coal-Burning Stove

Posted on September 7, 2011

It seems like going back to the basics when you purchase a wood or coal burning appliance, such as a stove or fireplace. Purchasing a coal stove is not a down grade, it is more of a precausionary measure. With all stoves as long as you have the needed fuel then you have no problem creating heat, the problem arrises when you run out of the fuel.

If you have an electric stove then in any power outage you will have no heat, propane or natural gas stove can run out and be hard to replenish in a frost or snow. Yet if you have coal or even wood in your home then a coal or wood burning stove would be of best benifit. Coal is a great fuel that is cheap and abundant.

A coal burning stove not only allows you to heat your home when the power is out, or on, but it also allows for you to add a classic touch to the home. A room can have a much more rustic or classic feel with a coal burning stove as the center piece. Like a T.V. is to most living rooms a coal burning stove could be to the den of any home, the focal point for conversations and memories.

Stoves can be purchased for actual cooking use, or just as a pretty warm decoration in a room, no matter how you use the stove it will add to your home. If you rely only on an electric stove for your cooking needs then during a snow or freeze you could be without hot food unless you have a generator. Yet if you have a coal stove in one part of your home then low and behold you will be back in buisness cooking in no time.

Basically the reasons to have a coal stove are it adds to your homes beauty as a warm center piece to any room for making memories. Efficiency as it can double as a way to cook as well as a heater for when the electric is out or at all times. Precausianary measure for if you just have one in a room when the power goes out and that is its only purpose. In all cases the reasons to have a coal stove out weigh the reasons to not have one.

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Different Types of Coal Stoves

Posted on September 7, 2011

In the last few years, more people than ever have been looking for relatively cheap ways to get “off the grid” in terms of their electricity consumption. One important way of getting off the electric grid is becoming energy sufficient – either with a wood burning stove or a coal burning stove.

This page will guide you to some of the basic types of coal burning stoves that exist. For the most part, there are coal inserts and coal stoves. We’ll explain more below:

  • Coal Inserts. A coal burning insert is one that essentially “fits” into a fireplace so that you can burn coal in your fireplace instead of wood. It’s similar to having an electric fireplace insert – only, obviously, it burns coal.
  • Coal Stoves. A coal stove is a stand-alone stove that doesn’t fit into a fireplace. It exists on its own and is extremely heavy. These often have an antiquated look, useful for those looking for both a non-electric heat source as well as the ability to have a cooking stove without relying on the grid.
Coal is going to become a bigger and bigger part of the world's energy makeup over the next few decades. There's no reason to not get a stove to take part.

Over the next few years, there’s no reason to assume that coal burning stoves won’t become more and more popular. They’re useful for heating reasons, eating reasons, and decorative reasons – make sure to go ahead and buy one today before putting it off any longer.